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๐Ÿšช Porta [AUX]

Project Portaโ€‹

Project Porta is the name given to the development of the Pecunia.Finance Decentralized Autonomous Business platform (DABp). The DABp will (when completed) be Open Source Software (OSS) and contain multiple features which can be used together or as standalone elements.


[AUX] | DAO Tooling - Governance & Operations Platform


Pecunia.Finance DAO is proud to present a novel organizational platform to support operating decentralized, autonomous businesses - on-chain. Unlike other DAOs, Pecunia.Finance specializes in a type of governance framework which is modeled to fit the form of a traditional business entity while retaining the benefits of trust-less, permission-less, automated processes. Our particular flavor of DAO endeavors to eliminate nepotism, corruption, and bloated bureaucracy found in modern traditional business structures through the application of Web3 and Blockchain principles.

The long-term vision of Pecunia.Finance DAO is to become a network-state which provides pseudo-anonymous labor opportunities to its members in exchange for liquid rewards. The first step on our journey is to create the Pecunia.Finance Decentralized Autonomous Business platform (DABp).

The DABp in it's current form is the result of lessons learned by the Pecunia.Finance DAO over the course of years of operation. Like many other DAOs, Pecunia.Finance struggled with fitting into the traditional world while maintaining a healthy, decentralized community of members. The Porta DABp is created with those struggles in mind and provides DAOs a lean, functional application to lubricate the completion of tasks within a decentralized, autonomous workforce of community contributors.

While fundamentally blockchain-agnostic, we have created our prototype Front-End in ReactJS. We remain open to omni-chain or interoperability ideation, as well as other protocols willing to fund or provide support for building on their network.


The DABp is a governance and operations platform which provides automated business processes and the tools needed to build a custom consensus structure for any type of organization. Funds from the treasury can be delegated to support projects by rewarding contributors who complete bounties therefor.

Any DAO can initiate a sovergn deployment of the Porta DABp and immediately possess the infrastructure necessary to reliably and transparently delegte tasks and funds to it's members and community. Utilize a pre-existing governance token or exercise the native skill- and effort-based consensus options built into the platform, allowing decisions to take experience into account.


The first version of the Pecunia.Finance DABp (v0) is a proof of concept which establishs the infrastructure needed to achieve the core features of a dashboard, consensus tools, and building blocks (operational tools).

Gated Access Dashboard [full stack]โ€‹

A control hub for members to access the features of the platform, with logic to reveal or conceal components based upon metadata associated with the connected wallet.

  • Allows app components to be hidden or revealed based upon membership to the organization which deploys it.
  • Allows permissioning access to functions based upon wallet-identity.
  • Singular purpose and simple, useful for many different applications.
  • DAO Treasury Tracker
  • Projects & Bounties
  • Governance
  • Account/Profile

Building Blocks [smart contract]โ€‹

Autonomous, agile, and lean business framework designed specifically to fit into traditional economic structure while on-chain.

  • Provides a familiar issue-tracking-system which utilizes Projects & Bounties as core elements.
  • Allows for pseudo-anonymous, trustless cooperation between participants of a Bounty.
  • Enables Project Lead role to oversee, configure, create, and cancel Bounties within their Project.
  • Automates Bounty Reward and Effort Recording.

Governance System [smart contract]โ€‹

Consensus of multiple types combined to reward leadership with responsibility instead of financial motivation and still reap the benefits of skill specialization in decision-making.

  • Enables multiple types of voting, including flat hierarchy and reputation-based voting.
  • Tracks amount and type of effort contributed to the organization.
  • Provides utility to submit proposals which can become building blocks.
  • Experience (XP) tracking and logic.

Funding Requestโ€‹

We are seeking fiat or cryptocurrency to build the platform with basic features. The platform, and its individual features as standalone, would be open-source and available to any user who wishes to start their own Decentralized Autonomous Business platform (DABp). We are also receptive to partial funding or funding by specific feature.

Funds will be used specifically for achieving development bounties, which are the main building block of Pecunia.Finance. Such bounties can represent small tasks like writing a document to large tasks like completing a feature integration.

As we will be using the features for our own platform, we intend to keep each repository maintained indefinitely and address bug fixes immediately.

The amount we are requesting covers basic features, meaning a carbon copy of the Pecunia.Finance DAB platform.

Requirements (high-level)โ€‹

Gated Access Dashboard

  • Projects & Bounties Widget
    • View Projects & Bounties
    • Open/View Project or Bounty
    • Apply to Bounty
    • Contact Project Lead
    • Upload Media
    • Bounty Notifications
  • Treasury Widget
    • DAO Treasury Pie Chart
    • Treasury Total
    • Token List & Amount
  • Account/Profile Widget
    • View profile details
    • Config profile details
  • Governance Interface Widget
    • List Proposals
    • Open/View Proposal
    • Vote on Proposal (y/n)
  • Create Dashboard
  • Testing & QA
  • Create Documentation

Building Blocks

  • Projects Smart Contract
    • Input Requirements
    • Logic
    • Bounty Linking
    • Project Lead Manual Config
    • Reward & XP for Project Lead
  • Bounty Smart Contract
    • Input Requirements
    • Logic
    • Reward Distribution
    • XP Distribution
  • Handbrake Smart Contract
    • Closes Project or Bounty Smart Contract upon Core Contributor Vote
  • Testing & QA
  • Documentation
  • Scrum

Governance System

  • Create Proposal Smart Contract
    • Project Proposal
    • Bounty Proposal
    • Memorandum (general) Proposal
  • Create XP System
    • Councils
    • Tracking
  • Create Consensus Smart Contract
    • DAO Vote
    • Council Vote
    • Core Contributor Vote
    • Union Vote
  • Testing & QA
  • Documentation
  • Scrum


Open Source
The platform will be created for Pecunia.Finance DAO, however a customizable version will be available open-source so other organizations can build an on-chain business using our framework.

Public Good
Members of the community will be able to download and deploy the features individually or together to form their own Decentralized Autonomous Business platform, which uses our unique governance framework to facilitate skill-specialization and leadership consensus.

Ability to Execute
Our development team has already made a splash in the Web3 ecosystem by developing a Cosmos-Ecosystem-Interface for Hummingbot OSS. We have more connectors in planning stages. Find out more here.

Unique Contribution
While some DAO tooling exists in the blockchain ecosystem which is similar to the features of the Pecunia.Finance DABp, they do not address the specific aspect of integration into the ecosystem of traditional labor structures (modern companies). Find specifics in the next section.

Clear Use of Funds
Please see Requirements above for estimated milestones.

Due Diligenceโ€‹

Pecunia.Finance does not consider any other organization to be a competitor, as our unique structure is a decentralized autonomous business - which is to say, a DAO focused on integrating into traditional business ecosystems. There are some examples of similar, but different concepts:

  • Gitcoin - platform that allows users to post and perform web3 bounties & more.
  • Dework - platform for web3 teams to engage with internal & external contributors, pay contributors while boosting their reputation for work completed.
  • Noxx - a payroll tool for pseudonymous talent.
  • Squads - multi-sig and governance app.

While the Pecunia.Finance Platform will share some features comparable to these examples, there are several fundamental differences which set us apart:

Adherence to values and ethics defined in the Pecunia.Finance Constitution.

The platform is more than just a tool; it embodies the core mechanics of the Pecunia.Finance DAO and therefor our own deployment and its projects will reflect the goal of positive social impact in all forms.

Long-term vision beyond Web3.

Web development is just the beginning. We are already in the planning stages of a clean-energy engineering project and have many more industries in our sights, such as chemical, medical, and media. Not a programmer? Not an issue.

Division of labor along skill-set, within Projects and in the organization as a whole.

Modularity allows for concentration of talent, like in a traditional company with varied departments. Though in Pecunia.Finance, the task itself belongs to a department, not the member. This means members can contribute to a single focus, or spread their contribution amongst many areas.

Long-Term Commitmentโ€‹

Pecunia.Finance intends to seek further funding to expand the features and complexity of the Pecunia.Finance DAB platform. Our Constitution is more complex than the features listed in this request, which are the core features in their simplest form, and we may require several iterations before the platform reaches it's final form.

Naturally, Pecunia.Finance will accept the maintenance responsibilities for these features and the platform as a whole, meaning the OSS versions will be kept updated and bugs immediately addressed. We anticipate revenue-generating activities of the DAO, future investments, and future grants for improvement will cover the cost of maintenance, internally.


Interested in Funding this Project?โ€‹

Reach out to us on Discord or directly via email.