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πŸ§ͺ O-Nexum [TEC]

Osmosis DEX Hummingbot Connector​

Our newest Cosmos project is the development of a connector between Hummingbot and Osmosis DEX.

Hummingbot is an open-source, high-frequency trading bot that provides a user-friendly interface to build and execute high-frequency trading strategies on CEXs and DEXs.


Connector Development​

The Hummingbot Client and Gateway both require changes to connect to Osmosis DEX.

  • Gateway needs the Osmosis Chain and Osmosis Exchange data, as well as adjustments to routes, templates, etc.
  • Client needs route and script adjustments to handle Cosmos-SDK requirements

Strategy Adjustments​

The AMM_ARB and AMM_CL (currently uniswap-v3-lp) strategies which are compatible with Osmosis DEX require some changes to the AMM and AMM_LP routes. This is due to Cosmos-SDK-specific needs.

PR & Merge​

The Osmosis Gateway Connector code can be merged ahead of the client changes to allow other advanced users to begin testing and using the connection to Osmosis DEX. If not included in the first PR, we will submit a second PR to update the client so the AMM_ARB and AMM_CL strategies run correctly.

Release Docs & Instructions​

The Osmosis Connector is unique and will come with a variety of supporting content such as documentation, instructions, videos, and infographs.

Long Term Support (LTS)​

For 12 months from the merging of the connector, we will provide small updates and small bug fixes as maintainers of the code. We will also be available for larger updates, upgrades, or large bugs bounties.


  1. Planning & Grant Proposal
    βœ… Finished Q4-2022
  2. Complete Core Connector Development
    πŸ›  In Progress - Near Completion
  3. Successfully Merge PR to Hummingbot Codebase
    πŸ”­ Incoming
  4. Long Term Support for 12mo from Milestone 2
    πŸ”­ On Schedule

The Gateway Connector core code is completed πŸŽ‰, now small changes are being made πŸ” to routes and client to accomodate unique elements from Osmosis πŸ§ͺ and Osmosis Concentrated Liquidity. πŸš€


Frequently asked questions about O-Nexum.

What is O-Nexum?​

Project O-Nexum is the codename for a connector built between Hummingbot and Osmosis DEX, by Pecunia.Finance.

What value does it bring?​

The connector will enable current Hummingbot users and professional arbiteurs to leverage Osmosis DEX for running strategies with their bots. Traders from other communities will be able to utilize Hummingbot, connected to Osmosis, to increase trading volume for the Osmosis DEX and as a result we expect to see an increased TVL for Osmosis and wider ecosystem of Hummingbot.

What is Hummingbot & what does it offer?​

Hummingbot is a platform that offers a user-friendly, high-frequency trading bot and online β€œminer” dashboard. The bot is open source software which allows traders to automatically execute AMM and other arbitrage strategies between centralized and decentralized exchanges, based on pre-defined market criteria. The current release supports 72+ token issuers and exchanges.