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🏛 Councils

What are Councils?

Councils are how Pecunia.Finance specializes labor efforts and Project (and Bounties). Each Council represents a group of members who have a common skill-set.

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Established Councils

The following councils have been established either to accomplish start-up and base-business activities, or as early expansion thanks to new members with new skills and project ideas.

Technical [TEC]

The TEC Council performs software development and specializes in any Information Technology, or technical topic.

Currently, the TEC Council is working on several projects, including connector development between high-frequency trading bots and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Finance [FIN]

The FIN Council performs financial accounting for the DAO, financial strategy, and specializes in any financial topic.

Currently, the FIN Council is specializing in strategy development between high-frequency trading bots and cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs and DEXs).

The FIN Council also performs all internal accounting operations. Currently these Bounties are only available for Core Contributors, due to the sensitive nature of the tasks.

  • Calculo - Internal Accounting
  • Verto - Accounting Operations
  • Tabulis - Transactions

As the organization grows, so will accounting demands. Multiple strategies are planned, however backlogged until Mercatus is completed and data pipelines can be reused.

Auxilium [AUX]

The AUX Council provides the following support for all other Councils, and specializes in governance topics:

  • Administration - the organization and recording of Projects, Bounties, Processes, Workflows, and Knowledge.
  • Governance -provide fair structures for decentralized co-operation.
  • Marketing - management of Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Management, and Brand & Image.
  • Legal - mediation between the organization and legislation or legal matters, or any state.

The AUX Council performs all internal administrative tasks and admin support for each Project. Currently these Projects are only available for Core Contributors, due to the sensitive nature of the tasks.

  • Effectus - General Operations.
  • Lex - Legal.
  • Signum - Marketing & Communications.
  • Incorporo [COMPLETED] - Incorporation as Non-Profit DAO Limited Liability Company.
  • Inceptum [COMPLETED] - Creation of the Governance Framework & Constitution.

We are excited to develop the Pecunia.Finance Platform. We call it Project Porta.

Engineering [ENG]

The ENG Council performs engineering and machining, and specializes in any such topic. New engineers and idease are welcome.

  • Genero - a Pyrolysis Recycling Unit (PRU) prototype, to create sustainable energy.
  • [Unnamed] - 3D Printed Solutions for Right-to-Repair Problems.