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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Project Management in Web3, DeFi, and much more.

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Hummingbot Connectors

Pecunia.Finance is building connectors between DEXs and Hummingbot.

Hummingbot is a free, open-source, high-frequency trading bot that executes custom and pre-built automated, algorithmic trading strategies on connected centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Utilizing a modular architecture, Hummingbot enables exchange connectors and trading strategies to be built independently, facilitating contribution by a globally distributed community of developers and quant-traders.

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Indiscriminate Positive Social Impact


Decentralized Autonomous Labor


Create a Governance Framework with a Constitution and Consensus.
Begin Web3 Projects to build DAO Treasury.
Establish Partners and integrate with related development communities.
Release 2023 Whitepaper.
Establish a Legal Entity as Non-Profit DAO LLC.
Release 2024 Whitepaper.
Build more DEX Connectors.
Develop PORTA governance & operations platform.
Go Main-Net (on-chain) with Porta dApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

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